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dopamine - love and pleasure

When we are in love, we experience the effects of dopamine, a neurotransmitter from the pleasure and reward pathway. Dopamine is powerful and it can be wonderful, causing effects such as excitement, focus, and intense pleasure.

This keychain is a wonderful token for someone who increases your dopamine. It is solid sterling silver, including the keyring. The split ring keyring is about 1 inch in diameter and the dopamine molecule is a little over one inch long.

It comes packaged in a pretty gift box made of recycled materials and a little tag about dopamine.

Customer comments about this keychain:

“Bought this for my sister as a birthday gift. She absolutely loves it.”

“Items are absolutely fabulous - even more substantial than the photographs. Love them. Fast shipping, I would recommend to anyone! Thanks!!”

“Thank you so so so much for all your help with this item! You were so polite and friendly and the keychain itself is absolutely stunning. My partner absolutely loved it, and it was the perfect small gift to say 'I love you' in a unique way :) thank you so much, I'll definitely be referring my friends to your site!”

“Well made items. Very happy with purchase! Will be a returning customer.”

"Amazing product!! I love these key chains and they look even more wonderful in person! The packaging it came in was wonderful and I'm so pleased with my order. Thank you so much...!"

“I love love my dopamine molecule! It just makes me happy :) Thank you!”

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