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Made With Molecules

serotonin cufflinks


serotonin - happiness, relaxation, and satiety

Wear your happiness on your sleeve. The shape of the molecule serotonin, which reacts with neuron receptors to make us feel pleasantly happy, relaxed, and satisfied, is the inspiration for these shiny, sterling silver cufflinks.

Similar in style to the serotonin necklace and earrings, they feature an open-ring representation of the ball-and-stick model of serotonin - like you built in O-Chem class, but so much more stylish!

Wear these to your next fancy event. One part science and one part art, they are sure to be a conversation piece. They also make a great gift for that grumpy, busy, or special person in your life; give the gift of happiness.

The cufflinks are made of solid high quality sterling silver. They measure about 7/8 inch wide and are made to fit into French cuff shirts.

Each pair is packaged in a recycled gift box and includes an info tag about serotonin.