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Made With Molecules

water earrings


water - for life

Water's chemical properties are almost magical: its surface tension, specific heat, hydrogen bonding, and solvent properties are all so complicated, and so vital to the origin and evolution of all known life.

From drinking a glass of ice water on a hot day to swimming in warm tropical waters, water enhances our lives as well as sustains us.

These fun and subtle earrings are based on a space-filling model of the water molecule, H2O. They can symbolize how much we enjoy water, how much we need water, and how much we need to respect our water resources.

The charms are solid sterling silver and are about 3/8 inch long. They dangle from solid sterling silver French wires and are packaged with an info card about water in a gift box. These are a perfect gift for a swimmer, a marine biologist, or anyone who rightly appreciates this amazing and essential molecule.